The shopfronts of your business are an often ignored yet key component of your overall business and brand. In essence, they serve as the “initial impression” that potential consumers have of your business. Ensuring your storefront looks tidy and inviting is key, but making sure it functions properly is even more crucial. Read on to find out what factors you should consider when installing a glass shop front.


Shopfront Design

As mentioned, your shopfront offers the first impression of your store, business, or even office space. Glass shopfronts not only look modern and fresh but more importantly gives your business an opportunity to promote its goods or services. Take retail stores, for instance, a glass shopfront will allow your business to display new products and allow for window shopping which can be beneficial for drawing in potential customers. Glass shopfronts can also work well for restaurants or beauty salons as they have the ability to invite potential customers who are walking by to take a look at the inside environment of your business.

Tip: Avoid excessive decals, posters, and signs on your glass shopfront. A cluttered shopfront is distracting and also blocks natural light coming into your shopfront.


One of the most important factors of having a glass shopfront comes down to its durability. The glass you choose for your shopfront can impact many factors such as the security and safety of your shop. Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is up to five times stronger than standard Float Glass offering the highest impact resistance. Toughened glass is a strong alternative that is particularly useful in the event of an accident. Toughened glass breaks into relatively large fragments rather than small, sharp pieces in the unlikely event that your store experiences a break-in or accident – making the clean-up easier and reducing the risk of injuries.



Nearly everyone has had a “dumb” moment when they’ve pushed open a door that in fact needs to be pulled – embarrassing, to say the least especially if you’re with other people. This is exactly why the practicality of your glass shopfront matters. Some shop front doors will require printed instructions to operate, while others may need to remain open to better suit the flow of the store. Some other practical considerations you’ll need to review include…

  • Will we need a single-door entry or double doors?
  • Locking systems: What kind of security measures do require?
  • Do you need a glass shopfront that provides thermal insulation?
  • Acoustic glass: Or are you located on a busy street and you need to block out noise? Especially important for service-based businesses and offices.


There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to a glass shopfront. However, speaking with a reputable glazing company to discuss your needs is the best place to start. Based on their knowledge and experience, they will be able to advise you on the best solutions available. We at Glazing360 would be pleased to meet with you on-site and provide you with further assistance for your glass shop front needs. Additionally, we can assist with glass door repairs, routine door maintenance, and other glass services.