When one of your windows takes a hit and shatters, it’s not just the glass that breaks; your peace of mind might too, especially in a place like Wellington where the weather can turn on a dime. But before you let the stress of a smashed window get to you, remember that Wellington’s own Glazing 360 has got your back. Here’s a friendly guide on what to do when you’re dealing with a window emergency, keeping Wellington’s unique vibe and weather in mind.

1. Safety First

First off, keep your cool and focus on safety. Clear the area around the broken window to prevent any injuries from glass shards. If it’s safe to do so, pick up larger pieces of glass, but leave the smaller, trickier bits to the pros. Remember, Wellington’s wind can whip through unexpectedly, so secure the area to prevent further damage or accidents.

2. Secure the Scene

Wellington’s weather waits for no one, and a broken window can quickly let in rain, wind, or even a curious weka or two. If you can, cover the opening with something sturdy like a piece of plywood or even a heavy-duty trash bag taped securely in place. This is a temporary fix to keep the elements (and critters) out until help arrives.

3. Give Glazing 360 a Ring

Now, it’s time to call in the cavalry. Glazing 360 is your go-to for glass emergencies in Wellington. They understand that when you say “urgent,” you mean it, especially with Wellington’s unpredictable climate. A quick call, and they’ll be on their way to assess the damage and get started on making things right.

4. Discuss Your Options

Once Glazing 360’s friendly and skilled team arrives, they’ll walk you through your options. Whether it’s a straightforward replacement or an upgrade to something more robust (thinking ahead to those notorious Wellington gales), they’ve got the advice and the range to suit your needs. They’ll consider your home’s style, your budget, and Wellington’s unique weather conditions to recommend the best solution.

5. Quick and Professional Fix

Glazing 360 prides itself on swift, professional service. Their team will get your window fixed up as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your day. They understand that life in Wellington doesn’t stop for a broken window, so they work efficiently to ensure you can get back to your routine, secure in the knowledge that your window is as good as new.

6. Aftercare and Advice

After your window is sorted, Glazing 360 isn’t just going to disappear on you. They’ll provide you with tips on how to care for your new glass and advice on preventing future breakages. Whether it’s advice on storm-proofing or selecting more durable glass options, they’re there to make sure you’re prepared for whatever Wellington’s weather throws your way next.


A smashed window is a bummer, especially in a lively and sometimes wild place like Wellington. But with a bit of know-how and Glazing 360’s expert team on your side, it can be sorted with less fuss than you’d think. So, next time the wind decides to play football with your windows, remember these steps and know that Glazing 360 is just a call away, ready to restore your peace of mind and your view of our beautiful city.